Barry is the main antagonist of the Killing Spree series. He first appeared in Killing Spree 4.


Barry was a police officer who responded to a sighting of Jase. Along with his partner and wife Juley, he engaged in a car chase with Jase and his friend Jimmy. When Jimmy was unable to lose the two officers, Jase jumped on the hood of the police car, causing it to flip over. Barry survived and requested back-up to stop Jase. He then realized Juley was killed in the crash.

Barry was then picked up by the SWAT helicopter and joined them in their pursuit of Jase, determined to make him pay for Juley's death. When Jase destroyed the helicopter, Barry escaped and began to chase Jimmy on a motorcycle. Jimmy attempted to stop Barry by crashing into him head-on, but this resulted in Barry ending up behind Jimmy in his car and holding him at gunpoint.

Barry knocked Jimmy out with his gun and the car went out of control when a SWAT officer landed on it, causing the vehicle to crash into a store window. Both survived, but Barry proceeded to kill Jimmy in front of Jase. The two engaged in a fight, with Jase initially gaining the upper hand. But Barry, fueled by the anger of his wife's death, managed to shoot Jase in the end, seemingly ending his killing spree.

After Jase's apparent death, Barry encountered Glenda, who informed him that he was no better than Jase. Enraged, Barry's eyes turned red and he shot Glenda, hitting her crystal ball in the process. The magic from the ball proceeded to go inside Jase, bringing him back to life.

Telling the police chief that he wanted alone time, Barry found the wounded Glenda in an alleyway and demanded that she tell him everything about Jase. He was then confronted by Jase himself, prompting another fight. After having his face bloodied, Barry again seemingly emerged victorious and threw Jase into a hardware store window, where he shot him repeatedly in the face.

With Glenda's power inside him, Jase survived the gunshots and found Barry holding a knife against Glenda. Having lost much of his sanity, Barry decapitated the gypsy and threw his knife at Jase. Jase blocked it and bisected Barry with a chainsaw.

Voice ActorsEdit

For his first two appearances, Barry was voiced by Anthony Padilla, of Smosh fame. In Killing Spree 6, Joe Zombie creator and Cyanide and Happiness author Rob DenBleyker provided Barry's voice. Amateur voice actor ShockDingo voiced Barry in the final episode.