Glenda is a gypsy who gave Jase a day to do whatever he whats to do.


In Killing Spree 1, Glenda only had grey and white hair, and a gypsy hat. In Killing Spree 5-7, she has more description: She now has green eyes, and a purple cloak on. And just like every other character, Glenda is a stick figure.


Glenda is an old gypsy woman. She met Jase when he wanted a wish from her, so she gave Jase one day to do whatever he whats to do. After she gave him the wish, Glenda and her tent disappeared, leaving only Jase and the wish card.

Glenda reappeared in Killing Spree 5 when she went to a store and bought an extremely expensive magical crystal ball.

She reappeared again when she saw that Jase was dead. She told Barry, the police offier that killed Jase, that it was impossible for Jase to be dead. Barry did not understand what she was trying to say, and Glenda replied " is not yet midnight".

It is possible that Glenda will reappear the third time in the upcoming sequel, Killing Spree 7. She had, being shot fatally in the stomach by Barry. Eventually, she passes out from the wound, letting Barry beat her up. Jase then resumes his fight. Later, Barry kills the old woman by decapitating her with a switchblade. Barry is then chopped in half, where his body remains lie near Glenda's remains.