.the killer wears a hockey mask like jason vorhees


The Killer

Description Edit

The Killer is a stick figure wearing a hardware face mask that resembles Jasons goalie mask. He has extreme agility and strength. The Killer is Jase's Secret Identity.

During the end of the series, Jase adopt's the identity after killing Barry. Sam Green originaly had no plans of Jase and the Killer being related, but changed it after Killing Spree 6.

The Killer's killing methods Edit

In every intro of Killing Spree, The Killer always kills at least a few people with various weapons, and after killing them, he always say "KILLING SPREE". Here are his methods of murdering.

1. Killing Spree 1 - Takes out a chainsaw, and cuts through walls of a room, but doesn't kill anyone.

2. Killing Spree 2 - Chases a victim and throws an axe at him.

3. Killing Spree 3 - Slices 4 heads off with a katana by throwing it, then taking a nightstick and beating a cop to death. He then throws him at the wall of a building.

4. Killing Spree 4 - Kills multiple buisness men in a building with a hammer, and then hand-to-hand combat.

5. Killing Spree 5 - Catches 5 Pucks and throw it up high then killer hit a puck to the player thats position to the Right edge,then he kill the player that is neares to the Right,then kill the player that's from the nearest to the left then the player that positioned to the farther left run and got decapitated by killers hit by a puck,then he hit the puck to the captain/leader of the hockey players but catched then killer hit the captain's head the pick it by his hockey stick then throw it to the net and receives 5 point (after receiving 5 points theres a KILLING SPREE 5 sign in there)

6. Killing Spree 6 - Takes a chainsaw and kills 2 army soldiers by slicing them. He then takes a grenade that was thrown at him, and puts it inside a military tank. After a soldier thinks that the killer is dead, the killer sneaks up from behind, and cracks the soldier's neck.