This is the first episode of the Killing Spree Series.


The story starts out when a man wearing a brown fedora, walks on a street, and clicks on a street button. Then a 17 year old person named Jase notices that the man was his school principal. He then has a flashback of when he went to a gypsy named Glenda, who gave Jase a day of whatever he wants to do for $10. After the flashback, he then kills his principal by whacking him his skateboard, and smashing his face with his leg. He then steals his money, and goes to gun shop.

When Jase arrived, he told the store owner he need a lot of guns. The store owner refuses to sell him any until he gets Jase's ID. Jase didn't have time for that, so he killed the store owner, and stole a Benelli M4 and a box of ammunition.

Jase then kills a civilian and steals his scooter bike.

Jase then went to a military base, and infiltrate it, and shoots at soldiers. A soldier with a chaingun tries to kill Jase, but due to Jase's evasion and reflexes, all his shots missed. Jase then goes up to him, and takes the chaingun, and kills the rest of the soldiers. He then goes down a pipe to proceed to the top secret area of the military base, and that is the end of episode one of the series.


1. In the stickpage version, the flashback part looks way different. In the Newgrouunds version, it actually shows how Jase met Glenda.

2. In the stickpage edition, the characters are slightly more detailed.

3. In the stickpage version, it does not reveal that Jase's first victim was his principal, and doesn't show him stealing his money.

4. In the stickpage version, Jase does not have his skateboard with him until he kills his principal.

5. In the Newgrounds version, the card is white and has a chinese font. In the stickpage version, the card was purple with a differnet font.

  • The card said: You will have one day to enjoy life to its fullest which will be turned back at midnight to be relived......have fun.
  • The box of ammunition said: AMMUNIMTION: KIDS GO WHACKO FOR AMMO
  • When it shows the scene where Jase is running to the scooter bike, there is a pink flyer that says: I have no idea what to write on this flyer.
  • Right when Jase gets to the soldier with the chaingun, he says "TAKE IT! TAKE! I'M SORRY!".