This is the second episode of the Killing Spree series.


After Jase got to the Top Secret Area of the military base, he was surprised that there 6 men that he was going to face. The men shot, but Jase jumped and dodged the bullets, and stick on between the wall and the pipe. One of the men came over, and he aimed for the pipe-hole, thinking that Jase hid in the pipe, however, Jase came down, and smacked the man in the air, took his gun, and shot him, including the other men. However, he didn't have enough ammunition to kill the other 2 men who were near the door that lead to a weapons lab. However, Jase just decided to attack them with close-combat. Jase went and did an air kick at them, but somehow he backed up. Jase then just decided to fight them in Hand-to Hand Combat, but however, one of the men blocked all of his attacks, and then kicked him in the air. Jase got up and got serious, then he took one of the men, and attacked him. The other man started punching Jase, however, he dodged all of them. Jase then grabbed both of the man's arms, and ripped them off. Right after that, the other man, got up, but then Jase threw one of the arms, at him. The man tried to get up again, but right when he stood, Jase threw the other arm at him,. which made the man's head rip off. After the fighting was over, Jase then punched the door really hard, and went to the weapons lab to get some guns.

That concludes the second of episode of Killing Spree.