This is the third episode of the Killing Spree series.


Jase got to the Weapons lab, and was lucky that he saw a lot of weapons there. Then he called the scientist of the weapons lab, who asked Jase how he got through the security. He was about to press the alert button, but Jase stopped him. Jase told the scientist that he would let him go if he tells Jase where the good guns are. The scientist replies that the weapons in the room are the good guns, but then Jase starting bashing his face with his knee. Jase was about to get the guns, however, he had no time. So he pressed the Alert button, and started gathering other weapons.

Meanwhile, a soldier spotted Jase, and called another soldier that he spotted him at Bay 1. The soldier replied "Copy that!", and was about to go look for Jase, however, Jase was actually near him, so Jase took the wooden pole, and killed the soldier. Then soldier called that he need backup, and then he died.

A few seconds later, 5 soldiers came to Bay 1 to kill Jase, but before the first 2 soldiers even shot a bullet at him, Jase killed them by cracking their backs and whacking their heads. Jase then took the dead soldiers gun, and then aimed for another soldier who came up to Jase. But before he raised his gun, Jase held it, and aimed for his head. A soldier that was behind told him to freeze, however, Jase ignored and shot the soldier he was aimmiing for. The soldier behind him shot 2 rounds at Jase, but missed, and Jase shot a bullet, with went inside of the barrel of the pistol, causing a chain reaction that exploded and destroyed the gun (along with the top of the man's body) (Jase was actually hoping that the bullet would hit him in between the eyes).

Jase then hurried to Bay 200 to get out of the army base. When he got to Bay 200, it was already 10:36 P.M. so he knew he had to hurry. Then he saw that, there 2 guards in his way, so he took out his shurikens (Ninja Stars), and threw them right in their faces.

When Jase got of the base, he took a military tank with him so he could also destroy buildings while killing people in his killing spree. So he got into one, and escpaed the base to cotijnue his killing spree.

That concludes the 3rd episode of Killing Spree 3.

That Soldier yelled Freeze!!! It from The Matrix Lobby Scene.