This is the Fifth episode of the Killing Spree Series.


The episode starts with Glenda, the gypsy who gave Jase the card, buying a crystal ball, then transporting some of her powers into it so it can turn back the day at midnight. Next we see Jase explaining to Jimmy all about the card, just before getting to the city. Meanwhile, Barry is slowly walking to the city saying: "That kid is going to pay for what he did to Julie. She was my partner. My Wife". He is then picked up by the swat helecopter. When Jase and Jimmy get to the city, Jase tells Jim to pull up in a parking spot, when he does so, the cops show up. Jase jumps up on the chopper, and smashes his head into the glass in an attempt to break it. But before he could break the glass, Barry attempts to shoot him, but misses, and the swat team takes it to the ground. When the swat team gets out of the chopper, Jimmy rames one of the soldiers, who is killed when Jase stabbes his head with a knife. Then he throws the knife at the chopper's rotor, killing the pilot. Barry however, escapes the chopper before it crashes, and steales a bike from a red stick figure (who is possibly the devil on earth). He then pursues Jim throughout the city. Meanwhile, Jase begins to kill the soldiers one by one, dodging every shot. After Jim and Barry accidentally, and unknowingly kill Joe Zombie by raming him, then running over his head, Jim attempts to kill Barry by raming him head on. But Barry pulls up the bike, and lands in his car. The last slide shows Barry pointing his pistol at Jim's head.


Joe Zombie was still stuck in Mortogen in episode 6, making his death false.

We see the cowboy from part four giving a girl money (my guess it's either his girlfriend or a hooker).