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The final conclusion of the killing spree series.


Barry is standing over the window he just punched Jase into, as Glenda appears. She tells him that he is no better than Jase. Barry becomes enraged and shoots the gypsy, smashing her ball in the process. The ball powers go to Jase and is absorbed by his corpse.

Barry wakes up to the Police chief at his feet. The chief asks if Barry wants a ride home. Barry refuses saying he wants alone time. after the ambulance leaves, Barry goes looking for Glenda.

Meanwhile Jase comes back to life in the ambulance and Kills the two drivers before running off to find Glenda so she can reverse his day. He finds Barry beating on Glenda who is bleeding to death.

Barry is shocked at Jase's return and fights Jase, but gets a busted lip and serious brain damage. But grabs Jase by the throat and stabs him with his pocket knife. He then kicks and punches Jase, and drags him out of the ally way.

He brings him to the front of a hardware store, telling Jase his new sights on life he then punches Jase into the window of the hardware store and shoots him in the face three times.

Through a memory of how Jase and Jimmy first met Jase comes back to life, grabbing a mask and a chainsaw (revealing him to be the intro killer) and rushes back to the alleyway.

Barry decapitates Glenda and throws his knife at Jase, who blocks it before slashing Barry in half.

Trivia Edit

  • Jase's knife wound somehow disappears after he is shown diving out of the window